The Power of a Facebook Like

On Facebook, would you rather interact and engage with a friend or a business?

As a marketing professional, I have Partners Title’s Facebook page up at all times. When I get a business card, one of the first things I do is look them up on their social media channels. There are agents, brokers, and lenders that have a personal Facebook page and a professional page, one or the other, or none at all.

The best option is one that I don’t see very often:
Using your PERSONAL page as BOTH to get MORE LIKES.

Facebook is a very powerful tool when building your business and client base, but not without the power of the Facebook LIKE.

Ive Got the Power

The biggest objection to this is to keep their professional and personal lives separate. This is understandable, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Here is why:

More Engagement: Have you ever noticed that your feed is not always filled with the most recent information? You’ll see things that were posted a couple days ago, then when you look someone up on their personal (or business) page you’ll see that they posted something 20 minutes ago? Why didn’t it show up? Look at the amount of likes and comments it received versus the amount of likes the post from a couple days ago had. You’ll notice a big difference.  Facebook’s algorithms are set so you only see the information that people want to see. This is also why you see one couple’s wedding photos in your feed for weeks…

More Content for Less Planning: Businesses should have 3-10 Facebook posts a day. As a business professional, you should plan 2-3 hours each week for planning and scheduling your posts for the week, which isn’t something everyone has time for. Facebook is all about algorithms, but it is PROVEN that the more content you post, the more views your post will have.

More Views: Using the example above and talking more about Facebook’s algorithms, the person you looked up wrote a post approximately 20 minutes ago, but because it didn’t receive a lot of likes, Facebook thought they would save room in your feed for posts they think you’d want to see. BUT because you went out of your way to see what that person was up to, your personal algorithms will change a little bit. Facebook thinks that person is someone you’re interested in, so the next time they post something it will appear in your feed; regardless of the engagement level. If you like or comment on it, it automatically shows up in more people’s feed because you’ve proven it is “good content”. More likes = More post views = More Engagement = More Views = More Likes… and the cycle continues.

More Two Way Conversations: Facebook (and all social media) is all about two way conversations and interaction. One-way conversations are for newspaper ads. On your professional page, how many of your clients post on your wall? How many of your friends post on your personal wall? Also, when a client “likes” your page, you can’t see their information. When you are “friends” with your clients, you’ll be able to see, like, and comment on their information! When you’re Friends you can also tag each other in photos, which also increases views.

You Appear Professional to your Personal Friends and Contacts: How many of you have college or high school friends that would NEVER use you because they “know you too well”? No matter how successful you are? Don’t lie – everyone has this friend. Personally, I have an extremely smart friend that I’ve known very well for 10 years. She did her Residency at John Hopkins, and is now a Neurosurgeon at Mayo… But I’m still not letting that woman touch my brain. But if I saw more of her success stories and testimonials from her patients that refer to her as “Doctor” and not “puppet”, I might consider it.

Humanizes Yourself to your Clients: Those funny eCards posted on your wall, the photos your friends tagged you in from a wedding this weekend, or the photos your spouse tagged you in of our kid at their T-Ball game – it makes you human. You are more than a business professional. When you say you’re not available at 4pm like they hoped, they will be more understanding. You aren’t ditching them for a more important client because all you care about it growth. You might have a T-Ball game to get to.

Appear More Trustworthy: You are helping these people buy their home, that is a very powerful, very trustworthy position. What’s more trustworthy? Being someone’s Friend, or being someone they Like? You don’t need this blog to tell you how important a trust is when building professional relationships.

More Friends: Because it’s your personal and professional page, you have the power to add your friends, relatives, classmates, in-laws, college roommates, etc. Those are the people that want to see what you’re up to, and be able to tag you in photos; they would never “unfriend” you (FREE MARKETING). You can also Friend past, current, and perspective clients. More Friends = More post views = More Likes = More Engagement = More Views… you know the drill. If you had separate pages, that limits, and even isolates, your reach. The algorithm cycle can go backwards: Less Friends = Less Views = Less Likes = Less Engagement = Less Views…

MORE REFERRALS: When you have more Friends, you have more connections! Someone looks you up online, finds your website, they click on your Facebook icon, and they see you have a mutual friend. Because this business is all about trust, what will they do? They get in touch with that mutual friend!