Closing with Partners Title

Purchasing your home is a great investment. The closing is one of the most important parts of the process. This is when you legally commit to your mortgage loan.

Once you’ve decided to move forward with the purchase of your new home and  your funding options are in place, your real estate agent and lendor will work with a Partners Title closing executive. Your closer(s) will work with all parties to gather all  the legal documents, close the loan, issue title insurance policies, and handle all the money associated with your purchase.

Another important part of the process is purchasing an Owner’s Policy to protect your investment.

Most new homeowners think about buying new furniture or painting the new walls, not worrying about being responsible for the bills that could be left behind by the previous owner.

Lendors require you purchase a title insurance policy to protect their investment, and you should have a policy to protect your investment as well. For a one-time fee paid at the closing table, an owner’s policy can protect you, your lendor, and your property rights for as long as you own that property.

The owners policy can protect you from:

  • Unpaid mortgages
  • Unpaid property taxes
  • Child support liens
  • Missing heirs who could claim the property belongs to him/her
  • Missed easements or rights of way (property lines) that could limit your use of the property


There are two types of title insurance policies. The homeowner’s policy (mentioned above) that protects the homebuyer, and a loan policy that protects the lendor. An owner’s policy is issued in the amount of the entire real estate purchase, no matter how much you’re borrowing. This provides protection for as long as you or your heirs own the property.


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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

  • Steve Smith

    Keller Williams Coon Rapids

    WAY TO GO JEN! 🙂
    With so many Title Companies to choose from, Partners Title is a clear choice for me and the clients I serve. They are extremely professional, have awesome customer service, and are located throughout the metro area. Additionally, their fees are very competitive! I have used Jen Tope for my closings and have nothing but praise for her and her quick response and attention to detail. Thank you Partners Title…and keep up the good work!

  • Ty Kollar

    Pacific Union Financial, LLC

    I’ve been working with Joyce Scott and Partners Title for over a year. I have been very impressed with how they are able to come through in the crunch time and time again. I am a loan officer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. I have worked with many different Title companies in that time. Joyce Scott has earned my trust with repeated success time and time again. I ask my Title company to do a lot for myself and my clients and Partners Title has never disappointed us. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need. Their attention to detail, quick turn times and reasonable cost puts them at the top of the List. Thanks Partners, I appreciate all you do for me, my clients and Pacific Union Financial.

  • Justin and Eve Wright


    I just want to take this opportunity to tell you what an incredible job Linda did for us. She found out first thing Monday morning, that we needed to close on Friday, despite the fact that we thought closing would not be for another two weeks. Despite this, she immediately went into the role of a “fixer.” She immediately starting reaching out to people, contacting banks, tracking down lenders that weren’t even in business anymore. She was just so responsive and professional, and there is just no way we could ever have gotten this done without her. We can’t say enough about Linda and Paula at Partners Title in Eagan.

  • Charly Marggraf

    Edina Realty

    Lori Millslagle is by far and away the best closer I have worked with in 12+ years as a Realtor. I hand the file off to her and her team at Partners, and I know that my clients will be taken care of. Her communication with me, the other side, and my clients is amazing. She is exceptional at her job and my job is significantly easier because of her. I feel lucky to have such a wonderful partner to refer my clients to. Lori is a rockstar!

  • Michele Wiegland

    River Realty

    Linda's knowledge and expertise make my sales/closings go smoothly. She closes some complicated files that require persistence and patience and always has a good attitude. Linda is a great partner in the process and I highly recommend her.

  • Kristen L. Wilson

    Fairway Independent Mortgage Co.

    I’ve used Linda Warn as my preferred closer for about 3 years. In that time, she has never failed to accommodate whatever we needed from her, whether that be on a rush closing or just great service on routine ones! It’s great to be able to count on excellence in this business and Linda does excellent work. I highly recommend her services!

  • Chris Bennett

    High Pointe Realty

    Kami's (at Partners) diligence and professionalism set her apart from her peers. Partners Title is my choice.

  • William P.

    First Time Home Buyer

    Being a 1st time buyer, you were awesome taking your time to explain this very nerve racking process to a couple of newbies to this process, and with the lack of support from my Banker/loan officer. Without saying a thing, you saw the color drain from our face when we viewed our documents. Both Carol & I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the excellent customer service you delivered yesterday.

  • Julie B.


    Simply put Kami Telschow is amazing! She doesn't miss a thing, and in the world of home sale transactions that is HUGE!! I appreciate not only her attention to detail, ensuring a smooth closing, but also her ability to put my clients at ease walking them through the entire closing process (and all the paperwork!!).

  • Kim Lindholm

    Keller Williams Premier Realty

    Kami Telschow and Partners Title have earned my business. Kami has been doing all my closings for the last 6 years. She is very professional and easy to work with. I have never had a problem with any of my closings from start to finish. Kami makes the closing process very easy. My clients have always felt very comfortable working with her. It's nice as a realtor knowing my clients are in good hands with Kami and Partners Title.

  • Joe Bydzovsky

    Marketplace Home Mortgage

    I have worked with Kami at Partner’s Title for many years.  Kami does a fantastic job of exceeding expectations for me and clients. Every closing is done in an efficient and professional matter with great attention to detail. I can always depend on a smooth closing when working with Kami and her team.

  • Lezli E

    Real Estate Agent

    I thoroughly enjoy closings with Joyce!  Partners Title is very pro-active with setting up the file and following through on all of the details leading up to closing.  Joyce is timely, proficient and very professional.  She always has every thing well organized, is fabulous with my clients and keeps us updated during the process of issuing the final checks and paperwork. Joyce has the unique ability to bring levity to the situation when necessary, and yet she's discreet while explaining documents to my clients - the perfect combination for a smooth and successful closing!”

  • Devon Sumpster

    Metro Mortgage Services, Inc.

    My company, Metro Mortgage Services, has been working with Shawn and Colleen since 1998. I have a few friends that are also in the title business, but I always use Colleen and Shawn if my clients agree. This is also true for the agents and loan officers that I have employed over the years. They are very detailed in their work and their experience is beyond compare. They are committed to our clients and what I appreciate the most is they are always willing to accommodate the “unexpected” situations we find ourselves in in this industry. AND they do it with a smile! They are professional and compassionate at the same time. I would refer them (and do) to anyone with great confidence.

  • Danielle Pelton

    Cardinal Realty

    Brianne has been wonderful to work with. In all of the transactions she's assisted me on, she was always there every step of the way. She is very personable as well as very knowledgeable. I continually look forward to working with her!

  • Michael Olson

    The Olson Real Estate Team - Keller Williams Premier Realty

    Brianne is an awesome closer!  The service she provides our team allows The Olsen Real Estate Group to provide the highest level of service to our clients!

  • Tracy Baglio

    Baglio Real Estate Group - Keller Williams Premier Realty

    As real estate agent professionals for 28 years Carl and I have had the opportunity to work with many title companies. Partners Title is exceptional in every way. Their knowledge of the industry, timeliness and communication are excellent. Recently I had a sale where the buyer chose to use an out of state company because they thought they could save on fees. Major errors occurred which could have been prevented the home from closing on time. They stepped in and saved the day by writing a few crucial and powerful emails that both educated and compelled the other title company to get the file closed. Even after the sale closed when the other title failed to pay association fees that they had collected at closing, they stepped in again and got it resolved. We are very selective on who we trust to take care of our clients. Partners Title has our utmost respect and confidence in the work they do each day to assist their clients and the agents that they serve. We highly recommend the team at Partners Title.

  • Stacy Elmquist

    Edina Realty

    Lori & Jennifer with Partners Title are simply the best!  They go above and beyond to make each and every transaction a memorable experience for all my clients.  Whether you are buying or selling the choice is easy - call Partners Title and request Lori as your closer!

  • Gayle Garrity & Associates

    Keller Williams Premier Realty

    Partners Title has always been a constant in my real estate transactions. I value our relationship, and am grateful for their tremendous efforts and unwavering partnership. The Partners Title team continues to distinguish themselves by providing impeccable quality, professionalism and intense client focus. The personnel at Partners Title have always gone above and beyond to make certain that our transactions get the appropriate attention and action required. Simply said, no one does it better!

  • Chris Bennett

    High Pointe Realty

    Partners Title is my choice.

  • Joe Knollenberg

    Realtor and Mortgage Consultant

    Their commitment to quality work, communication and customer service is consistent and excellent.

  • Kim Lindholm

    Keller Williams Premier Realty

    It's nice as a realtor knowing my clients are in good hands with Partners Title.

  • Jay Dacey

    Metropolitan Financial Mortgage Company

    I have been working with Linda since the beginning of my career and she is without question the most consistent, personable and organized closer in the Twin Cities. If you are a mortgage or real estate professional looking for a title agent to develop a relationship with, Linda should be at the top of your list.

  • Brian M. Conners

    Bell Mortgage | A Division of Bell State Bank & Trust

    As a mortgage loan officer for over 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with countless title companies and title closers. And let me say unequivocally, that all title companies are not made equal.   Partners Title is one of the limited number of high quality and extremely professional title companies in the Twin Cities Metro. Backed by one of the strongest team of underwriters and insurers in the U.S., managed by a team of seasoned experts and some of the friendliest closers in the business, Partners Title is the place to trust with your closing. I highly recommend them to all of my clients.

  • Kathy A. Harrison

    Bell Mortgage, A Division of State Bank & Trust

    I have had the privilege of getting to know Linda Warn and begin my working relationship with her almost 20 years ago. Linda has proven to be one of my most trusted resources in the Title and Closing piece of a Real Estate Transaction. Her depth of knowledge and interpersonal skills are exceptional. In working with her or her team you can be assured of being kept informed throughout, having confidence in any questions asked and answered, and most important, made to feel as though you were the most valued transaction on her agenda at that moment. Quite a skill set and one not to be overlooked in this ever-changing environment. I would highly recommend Linda Warn to my strategic partners and clients without hesitation and full confidence.

  • David and Barbara Palmer

    Lakes Area Realty

    Linda Warn has been our Title Closer of choice for the last three years. She is dependable, extremely accurate, and timely. Linda has a great sense of humor and is exemplary in working with buyers and sellers. Her patience and willingness to guide her clients through the closing process is skillful and enjoyable. Linda easily puts clients at ease and helps them clearly understand all the details involved in the closing process. We heartily enjoy Linda Warn as an excellent Title Closer!

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